With Sectional Couch Chaise

Sectional With Chaise Couch Covers Pretty

With Sectional Couch Chaise– longue are ideal to comfortably rest your legs, take a nap, meetings with friends or watch TV. There are models that are sectional and other fixed structures that have a pouf and this settles


A reversible long cushion, which can be changed from left end to right end, very practical and versatile. In living store we have both models. Sectional sofas have the advantage that is divided into 2 parts or more to facilitate transfer, also good is that you can break up or join them anytime and so your environment can go varying with sectional couch chaise visually.


To choose with sectional couch chaise the size and chaise longue next to the need to analyze the space where will your sectional sofa. Note that the chaise not obstruct access where there are doors or windows, so it is important that you measure and compare length the sofa and chaise long that you are interested in purchasing. If you leave in the middle of your space, it left or right is not as essential. To choose left or right you should be facing the space where the sofa is. If you have questions you can advise us by sending an outline measures or photos of your space and will recommend what suits you.

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