Wing Tufted Dining Room Chairs

Awesome Tufted Dining Room Chairs

A wing tufted dining room chairs is a smart choice for any room seating. With classic lines and a comfortable seat, these chairs have never unfashionable. If you have an old chair with a wonderful background, but a worn cloth upholstery and mattress date, you may have considered throwing it out. Chairs with tufts present more of challenge upholstery, but are not impossible to do at home.

Pry away the staples holding the original tufted dining room chairs in place with a flathead screwdriver. For the fabric in place by the tail, scrape loose glue with a chisel, by spraying with water to soften. Try to keep as much tissue as possible to use as a pattern for their new material.

Mark on the back of the tufted dining room chairs areas will be. Drill holes through the back of the chair. Repair the chair as needed. Sand and paint before adding new tissue. If the springs at the bottom of the chair are loose, you can tighten with jute twine. To make the most comfortable chair, add new cushion.

Upholstery foam adds 2 inches to worn areas, then cover with a layer of cotton wool. Staple the batting to the structure of the chair.

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