Unique African American Home Decor

African American Home Decor Design

African American culture is a rich fusion of communities. Corriece Gwnn, founder and editor of Home of Color: Journal of African-Americans living and style describes tastes of African Americans as primarily eclectic. However, it appears that propensity to color objects that honors African identity is common features in homes. There are a number of decorating ideas that celebrate art and uniqueness of african American home decor.

Handmade baskets, pottery, dolls and other ornaments allow nooks and crannies to african american home decor. Sculptures of animals native to Africa increases with reason of earth. Sizes of African masks also contribute to a tribal effect, while traditional African instruments even offer ethnic music. However, placing too many items around house such can deflate environment that you have tried to create. It suggests that create areas of interest by collecting artifacts in different places in house of three. With African crafts, not only give your home a warm, earthy feel atmosphere, African artists are also supported through their purchases. Feel closer to african american home decor, painting walls with earth colors. These include colors red, orange, beige and brown terracotta. If you are painting house seems drastic, try another type of paint.

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