To Stop Cat Scratching Tree Frames

Cat Scratching Tree Ideas

Cat scratching tree – Cats scratch natural surfaces to mark them with scent glands at the bottom of their feet or grooms their claws and stretch, according to the AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) website. In some cases, cat scratch inappropriate surfaces, carpeting, wood surfaces and including furniture. To discourage your cat from scratching wood door frames or other wooden surfaces in your home, give it appealing alternatives.

Cat scratching tree furniture can be great for your home, especially if you have multiple cats. Unfortunately, many people do not buy it because of the cost. While it’s great to have a place for your cat to play, perch and claw without worrying about them to destroy some of your valuable belongings, many people simply cannot afford to spend € 75 or more on an area for their pets to play.

Luckily, cat scratching tree furniture of similar quality often be possible for a fraction of the cost that the furniture can even be made of extra lumber and materials that you might have lying around the shop or garage. To make furniture of your own, you will need some basic tools. Here are the items you will need: Hammer, Nails (not less than 2 “long), Lumber (2 “x4” columns, plywood and other panels for feet and platforms), Blanket, Finishing Nails, sisal Rope and craft Glue.

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