Tips To Repair Vintage Wood Swivel Desk Chair

Wooden Swivel Desk Chair Idea

The problem perhaps comes to your vintage wood swivel desk chair and it disturb you to sit and to enjoy your time on the chair. Cracks or the roller is removed because it had stand for a long time to use or caused by the temperature influenced it or caused by termite. It will be better for you to repair it than buy new swivel desk chair.

The vintage wood swivel desk chair can be repaired by following some tips below.

  1. Use pliers to remove the cracked wood from the desk or the table.
  2. Use plank woods to replace the cracked wood with measure it to have same size by cutting it using saw and make it smooth with wood sharpener.
  3. Put and screw or nail the replacement wood tightly then repaint it with the same color paint of the desk or the chair.
  4. If you won’t replace it just use caulk for wood to be attached on the cracked wood by using spoon make it tidy then repaint it with the same color of the desk or chair.
  5. For the removed roller, search at the market supply size roller then use screw driver to install it on the holes of the roller tightly of the bolts.

There is no difficult to repair vintage wood swivel desk chair to be repaired. You just need a brave and confident and have a curiosity to try. To prevent from the termite you can use termite resistance acid to before repaint the desk chair swivel vintage as well.

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