Tips To Clean Wooden Desk With Hutch

Wood Student Desk With Hutch

It will be bad when you let the dust and dirt stick on the wooden desk with hutch, it will look so nasty then it can give effect  has short live span. This problem will disturb you to get comfortable when use the wooden desk properly. To solve the problem, there are some tips to help you keep away the dust and the dirt from the desk with hutch.

Let’s follow the tips with some instructions below to clean the wooden desk with hutch.

  1. Move the all item on your desk before cleaning it.
  2. Use oxygen bleach which is mixed with water on a bucket.
  3. Then move the mixed stuff into sprayer bottle then spray it onto the wood desk with hutch. Wait till 15 minutes to let the dirt and the dust faded.
  4. Brush the desk with hand scrub brush, do it in gently.
  5. After you feel the dust and the dirt are gone rinse the desk that have you scrubbed with water.

It is very simple to clean the wooden desk with hutch, you have to maintain this furniture in routine to keep it always in good conditions. If you got short live span of the wood desk cause the dirt, it is possible for you to buy a new desk and it is different when you have good maintenance for it. You do not need to buy new one because you have the durable one.

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