Tips Dog Cave Beds For Cold Weather

Dog Cave Beds Picture

Dog cave beds – Older dogs are not receptive only for aches and pains that come with age, Animals kept outdoors in cold temperatures are also susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia and older dogs are more likely than puppies to lose their grip on icy surfaces. Always keep a close eye on older dogs when they are outside, limit the time they spend in the cold and monitor their activity to guard against damage.

A number of commercially produced heated dog cave beds are available for purchase. Many of these beds are designed to be comfortable for orthopedic aging of joints and bones, and are warmer, softer and more supportive than a traditional dog bed. Look for beds with a removable cover that you can wash as needed. If your dog is still chilled and shivering, placing his dog cave beds near a heat source or children safe space heater for extra warmth.

Dog clothing can help keep your dog warm and snug in his bed. Make sure clothes fit well, covering the body and extremities, and are not binding in any way. Change and wash clothes as needed, especially if it gets wet, which can increase the chill your older dog feel.

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