Standing Laptop Desk

Black Standing Laptop Desk

When you use standing laptop desk, you should use comfortable shoes. Walk to the desk stand and adjust the computer monitor so it is at eye level. Place a phone book or other sturdy stand under the monitor before attempting to lift higher, or adjust monitor shelf table if you have one. If you use a laptop on the desktop, configure the laptop so the screen is near eye level. Angle again if you need some for optimal viewing. Place an anti-fatigue standing in your area carpet after a day or if your floor is not carpeted or need additional support and relief from fatigue to mat offers.

Take occasional breaks to be to give your feet a break. Use a stool or chair height so it is still comfortable to sit near standing laptop desk when necessary. Walk or stroll around the room for additional breaks from just standing in one place.

The supposed benefits include of benefits of standing laptop desk reduced risk of obesity, reduced risk to suffer metabolic problems such as diabetes or cardiovascular problems. Come on, work standing avoids the risks that arise when working seated. At least in theory

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