Small Sleeper Sofa

Small Sleeper Sofa With Chaise

I have a very small room where I’d put a bed for guests- Small Sleeper Sofa. The truth is that now the use of office and would like to continue doing so my initial intention was to find as small a double sofa bed possible in width and depth to place it next to a new desk in the corner.


Among small sleeper sofa the smallest I’ve found, highlight four different styles and precios.En our favorite decorating store, IKEA, we find the model Lycksele Have, quite discrete, although not particularly small arms and Hoagland model with arms but with less background (86cm). IKEA has a smaller and cheaper as the Solti model, with only 78 cm deep but it does not seem very comfortable.


Following the search of the small sleeper sofa, I found this one: The sofa beds and other furniture mutlifuncionales aesthetically we solve the problem of space. However, I have found none with less than 80 cm deep and to my office less than 7 square meters I still think too much about what I’m looking for other solutions, such as folding beds, which I’ll tell you in the next posts. And you, do you have a sofa in your apartment

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