Repairing Tufted Leather Couch

Tufted Leather Couch Ideas

Tufted leather couch furniture has a sleek, retro look that is often very attractive. The tufts of adding an element of movement of furniture and fabric shown in different angles. If the fabric is velvet and have a nap, knotting may cause the fabric looks very rich and thick. The biggest problem with tufted furniture is lost when a button or open a lock hole. Plume repair a torn hole or fabric is often a little difficult but can be done by most homeowners.

Look at the front and the back of the tufted leather couch. Usually tufted buttons are visible only in front of the furniture, and the back of the couch will have a panel of solid tissue. Examine the damage and determine if the button is not present or is removed through a hole in the fabric and is now housed in the foam or the filling of the sofa.

Aspire your tufted leather couch. Take off the tufted leather couch cushions and clean as possible. If your sofa can be shampooed, this is a good time to shampoo the fabric and the color of the fabric can switch between an area of clean and dirty cloth. Test your shampoo in a hidden part of the tufted leather couch to ensure that fabric colors are stable before washing around the tufted leather couch.

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