Removing Dining Room Chairs With Casters To Make Stable

Armless Dining Room Chairs With Casters

If you are dining chairs that roll too easily on the floor, take the wheels off to the stable chairs. The wheels are balled feet that allow chairs to roll. Sometimes, especially with heavy chairs, this is a benefit. At other times, the wheels move too easily and this could cause difficulties for people trying to sit in the chairs. Removing the dining room chairs with casters only takes a few minutes with common household tools.

Turn off the chair and put it on your side so you have access to the wheels. Browse wheels which are attached to the chair. Place a few drops of oil on the dining room chairs with casters, where it attaches to the chair. Turn the wheel assembly to the left. Some castors are threaded and can be unscrewed manually.
Place a little oil in the area where the dining room chairs with casters is inserted into the leg of the chair. Hold firmly to the wheel and yank him off the leg. Many wheels are pressed into the chair legs and can be removed this way. If the wheels start to move, but are wedged firmly, use the screwdriver to help pry the wheel stalk out.

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