Perfect Decorate Fireplace Mantel

Beautiful Decorate Fireplace Mantel

If you have a fireplace in living room in any other room in your home , surely you spend much time next to it to ‘take advantage’ of heat given off. If so, decorate fireplace mantel is almost as important as rest of space. This is ideal for putting some decorations, because if you do not put anything, not only stove will seem boring, but also lose some of its original charm.

Below, we offer some tips to decorate fireplace mantel:

  • Statues of marble or bronze figures accompanying overall decor of room. No doubt it will be a touch of elegance and be spectacular.
  • Stones and small figures for shelf. This small, elongated space of outgoing frame decorate fireplace mantel is a perfect place to put decorative accessories, depending on your interior will be more suitable than each other. We can think of carved stones, small busts, candlesticks, trays…
  • Artistic pictures. Undoubtedly, fireplace is a focus of visual attention of room, why, hang a picture above it will be perfect to wear for example your paintings art space.
  • Marco marble. Sometimes they do not make great ‘beads’ needed to enhance a place. Simply cover a part of hollow of a marble fireplace will build most sophisticated and modern.
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