Paint Colors For A Living Room With Navy Couch

Large Navy Couch

A navy couch serves as a focal point for a living, but it can complicate color choices for walls. Marina is a bold color that falls into the group of colors in cool tones. This serves as a starting point for your color choices. You can choose coordinating, complementary or contrasting colors to make your navy couch to highlight in the room.

If you want the navy couch to remain the only focal point of the room, the rest of the room should be at the bottom. Paint the walls a bright, clean white, and choose colors of bright accent like a true red or sunny yellow to avoid washing room. Use cushions or vibrant color illustrations containing these colors to serve as accents around the space.

Light pastel colors, when combined with a navy couch; bring a sense of peace and tranquility to the living room. The most obvious choice is a light pastel blue for the walls as this will coordinate with the navy couch. To find a contrasting color navy blue refers to a color wheel. Yellow Blue contrary, to use clear yellow butter cake or space heating. To complement the blue sofa, choose a light pastel green, like mint green, for a cool sensation.

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