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Organizing an Desk Ergonomics

Your area of work plays a significant role in the efficiency of your work. An area of work that is desk ergonomics, or adapted to accommodate your natural range of motion, is vitally important if you intend to work in one place for long periods of time, such as a desktop computer. A space to work ergonomically allows you adequate space for movement and has elements placed within walking distance. Place your computer monitor directly in front of your location on the seat. Move back enough to accommodate a keyboard and document support.

Innovex Desk Ergonomics

Innovex Desk Ergonomics

Place the other components of your computer next to the screen or under the desk ergonomics if there is space. Connect them and make sure all cables are out of sight. Centre screen keyboard with mouse and placed aside. Turn off the monitor and adjust the tilt until you see light reflections on the screen. This minimizes glare lighting and reduces eyestrain.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Organizing an Desk Ergonomics

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Image of: Innovex Desk Ergonomics
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Adjust your chair at the right height. When you sit in your chair with your back straight and head straight ahead, the top of the monitor should be at eye level. Place the objects on desk ergonomics so you are in reaching distance without cluttering your space work.

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