Organize Turquoise Couch

Dux Turquoise Couch

The turquoise couch color pops against a black sofa, making a bold and striking statement for your room. If the room is decorated in a beach style or modern decor, adding touches of turquoise sofa join in decorating the room. Organize turquoise cushions on the sofa. Select cushions working with the theme of the room. For example, in a formal, contemporary room, choose cushions are covered with turquoise satin or velvet material, or a combination of the two. For a beach room inspired, select cotton pads or pillows that have thematic patterns turquoise beach, turquoise and shells brushing. Arrange the pillows in one or both of the corners of the sofa or place them in a line at the top back of the sofa.

Display a turquoise couch blanket on the couch. As with pillows, choose a rug that works with the design of the room. For example, in a modern room, choose a satin or chenille blanket and a beach themed room, choose a woven or cotton blanket.

Add accents of turquoise couch around the couch. View images from around the sofa featuring turquoise; splash turquoise geometric prints or paintings or photos of turquoise waters. Hang a picture above the sofa and put photos on the tables next to the sofa. Set decorative vases on tables next to the sofa.

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