New Expandable Dining Room Table

Expandable Dining Room Table Ideas

An expandable dining room table is the solution when you want to save space in the dining room without sacrificing accommodates more diners when you have guests. It is very practical and functional furniture. The dining table is an essential piece of furniture in any home. With the extension table also varies in size, shape, the material from which it is made ​​or style.  Once you know what the appropriate measure of the table is, consider the type you want, style for your room and your budget.

Expandable dining room table wings emerging from each side and which, when opened, expanding it fit the oval shape, depending on the size, between 30 and 50 centimeters. This provides virtually four positions on the table. The wings or extensions remain completely hidden while the table is closed and when opened, slide easily, by rails (if old, can be wood) to reach the position where they fit.

New materials, artificial and current manufacturing methods have succeeded, although there are many prices, some expensive, they are also expandable dining room table at good prices. In fact, the price does not vary much from a normal and generally deserves the investment.

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