Mid Century Sofa Design That Adds Elegance To The Space

Mid Century Sofa Living Room

Mid century sofa – the Chester sofa is one of those classic pieces that are always fashionable. It is not known for certain what the origin of this sofa’s relentless is, and sober design that adds elegance to the space in which it is placed, but there are some theories on the matter. The first ensures that the origin of this goes back to the year 1773 and the second speaks of early 19th century.

The two say that the creation is due to one of the Earls of Chesterfield, who worried about standards of mid century sofa, a cabinetmaker ordered the design of a piece of furniture in which men could sit maintaining fully upright, thus avoiding postures in the high society.

As a result arises this piece whose arms and back is at the same height and is well-known thanks to the beauty of the piece. Originally the Chester sofa was upholstered in leather and padded, but the passage of time, this has changed and today the same design can be found in any kind of fabric. To it are added cushions or other pieces that contrast in terms style of mid century sofa. It is applicable in any room without fear that it looks bad.

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