Making Eclectic Home Decor

Image 2017 Eclectic Home Decor

We learn to create an eclectic home decor in any environment, using what you have at your disposal to renew the atmosphere in a matter of hours. The eclectic home decor is the favorite of the energetic, lively people, who like to combine styles and create effects that strike our senses and perceptions.

No list of essential elements for the eclectic home decor, quite the contrary. You can combine and artificial fur interspersed with romantic styles carved furniture; natural elements and rustic wood elements and pronounced vinyl colors pop. The important thing is to get carried away by their taste, and determine a space for each of those items that you have stored in the attic because they do not match the current reigning decoration.

To put it another way, anything goes in the eclectic decor. Animals, figures, natural and artificial plants, furniture, pictures, mirrors, rugs, decorative pillows, curtains … there is no element that has prohibited entry into a room decorated in eclectic style. In the eclectic home decor design and attention to detail lends protagonists. No corner is empty or left to chance: bookcases, shelves, corners, niches and spaces, however small, are complemented by decorative and functional mixed.


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