Making A Collapsible Desk With Hinged

Simple Collapsible Desk

A basic collapsible desk is useful for events and functions that require temporary table space. When not in use, can be stored in a small space until needed again. The surface of collapsible desk can be decorated as you like, or you can leave it unfinished if your appearance is not important. Cut a sheet of plywood 3/4-inch in a rectangle the size you want for the tabletop with a saw. Cut the plywood into two, creating two equal panels. For example, a 3 per 8 foot table top would become two panels 3-by-4-foot. Place the panels on the floor with cut ends butt against each other.

Place 2 inches revolve around the court, with a wing on each piece. Screw the hinges to the plywood with wood screws 3/4 inches. The thickness of the wings will prevent the screws penetrate the surface of the collapsible desk. Place a threaded flange 1 inch at each corner of the table, place one inch from the corner. Place the flanges at the table with wood screws 3/4 inches. Tubes threaded screw four in the four tabs. The pipes should be all the time you want the table to be high. Set the table on its legs.

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