Make A Custom Dog Beds With PVC Pipe

Round Custom Dog Beds

Custom dog beds – A PVC pipe frame dog bed is a base frame with legs to elevate it slightly off the ground. These instructions are for a 4-foot-by-2-½-foot bed that most dogs fit, but you can just adjust the length, width or both to a bed that fits better to do with your dog. Cut two lengths of PVC pipe up to 4 meters long and two to 2½ meters long, with a saw. These are for the frame of the bed.

Cut four pieces of PVC to 6 centimeters long. These are the legs of the custom dog beds. Lay the frame pipe pieces on the ground. Place each of the tubes for the legs in each of the opening in the device. Slip an end cap over the ends of the legs. Turn on the bed, so that the fabric resting on the legs and drape over it.

Put a plastic ring on the fabric and pressure against the bottom of the frame tubes so that the curvature of the ring fits against the tube. Insert a screw through the washer and dust and in the pipe with the aid of a drilling machine. Attach four rings along each side of the frame to the fabric in custom dog beds. Cut the excess fabric with scissors.

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