Linen Couch A Fresh Air To Your Living Room

Linen Couch Duo Slipcovered

Linen couch – few changes in fabrics, you can give a breath of fresh air to your living room. Fresh fabrics for excellence are two: 100% cotton and flax. The first cheaper alternative is to opt for blends or linens 100%.

Apart from jute carpets and linen couch, are those of linen 100%, the cotton 100% and that mixed materials (jute and leather; linen and wool, jute and wool…). Normally, woollen carpets are shorter than the 100% wool hair.

And how much do they cost? A carpet made of 100% cotton can be worth from 298€/ m2 (hair 18 mm), by lowering the price much shorter hair (for example, one of 13mm, about 67 €/ m2). 100% linen couch have similar prices (275-€300 / m2) and the blend vary, and can reach 312 €/ m2.

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