Kind Of Wood For Wooden Cat Tree

Homemade Wooden Cat Tree

Wooden cat tree are cat accessories developed for indoor cats. These trees provide climbing activities and perches for the cat when it does not have access to the actual tree outdoors. Several types of wood used for cat tree.

What kind of wood is linked to quality, durability and price of the wooden cat tree? Sisal is very durable and strong. It is often used for carpets and covers material on cat Woods scratching the surface. Materials sisal is ideal for scratches that it has grain and texture that is ideal for cat fragmentation. Sisal is agave plant fibers are extracted by crushing the agave leaves and scrape the flesh. The pulp containing fibers are used to create sisal lines and of material.

Plywood is usually used for cat tree base and some sitting areas.  Plywood is ideal for wooden cat tree because it can easily be cut into square or rectangular pieces. Moreover cat bats that use plywood for parts of the structure will be cheaper as a cheaper plywood wood. The plywood is covered with materials such as sisal, to provide a comfortable sitting location. Other materials used to cover can include a carpet, fake fur or fleece. The main pole or cat tree stem may be made of driftwood.

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