Ideas For Decorative Wine Glasses

Decorative Wine Glasses Ideas

Decorative wine glasses let’s take to the imagination of a thousand and one ways to fly. Not surprisingly, colored glass bottles are a wonderful commodity to recycle with style and originality our home, business, or, why not, the office. The variations are endless, ranging from a more sophisticated processing to the simple idea that we can possibly imagine, but not necessarily less attractive in terms of results.

Reutilize bottles by cutting its base to remove it and replace it by another timber, etc., or to split them in half, gives much play. After learning the basic technique, great possibilities to introduce open candles or lamps. Ideas for decorative wine glasses vanpool else, you only need to let the creativity, our ingenuity elk the flight, choosing glass shades we better go in this or interior.

To cut a bottle with a single thread, in just a few seconds, though there are many other less homemade techniques, and in any case it must be sanded to smooth the edge later. With little effort we get amazing decorative wine glasses elements that will make our beautiful surroundings and if we play with the magic of the candles. And all thanks to the always good habit of recycling.

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