How To Cover Oversized Couches With Fabric

Oversized Couches Design

Covered oversized couches may seem new. This can update old furniture styles or damage to the surface cover and add years to the life of the furniture. Sofa cover large requires extra fabric, but the process sofa cover is the same as for a smaller sofa. If your sofa cushions for loose, too often is a good idea to cover the pads separately for a better appearance. Select a fabric sleeve solid color to match patterns.

Cover an oversized couches with fabric Sew the main cover, Remove the loose cushions on the sofa. Place muslin cloth on the seat base of the seat on the floor. It allows a surplus of 2 inches (5.08 cm) on the floor and the seat base. Place a second piece of muslin over the seat base of the rear seat to the front and down on the floor.

Cut the muslin to the shape of the front of the arm. Place pins on the front fabric of the arm to the base sections of arm and seat. Repeated for the second arm. Check that the seams are straight and fit. Remove the cover and sew your seams. Flip the lid and hang out on the couch. If the cover a oversized couches with fabric cover is loose, turn it over and correct the adjustment with more pins.

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