May 17, 2018 Cat Condos

How to Building Cat Condos

Cat Condos– Many cats enjoy lounging on high perches and snuggling into hiding carpet. Prefabricated large cat condos can easily in pet store.

Cat Condos Cages

Cat Condos Cages

Making your own cat condos not only saves money, but also allows you to customize your creation to suit your preferences and space limitations. Materials and tools you can find all the materials and tools you need to design and build your cat condos in a hardware store or home improvement. You will need to untreated wood to form the basic structure. Treated wood may contain chemicals that can harm your cat. Plywood is a good choice for the construction of cubicles and leather.

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You can purchase Quick -Tube shape of the building you want to create a cot in your condos. Quick -Tube is a tube of medium prepared in advance that your cat can rest inch carpet purchase to cover the wood. Choose a color that matches your decor for home, but do not waste your money on high dollar luxury carpets. Sisal rope makes a cat scratch surface. Purchase nails, screws and corner brackets to secure the pieces of your condos. Most people have most of the tools they need to build cat condos. You will need a hammer, saw, knife, tape measure, drill, glue gun level and high strength.

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