How To Build Floating Desks

White Floating Desks

Floating desks is attached directly to the wall without using legs, to give the appearance of floating. Put together a floating desktop is not very difficult, even if you have only the top of a desk you want to convert floating. Measure the dimensions of the desktop you want to place floating. Draw a level line on the wall where you will install the desktop along the back of it. Cut a piece of wood 5 by 5 cm approximately 20 cm shorter than the line. This will be the clamp to attach the floating desk.

Center floating desks the bracket on the line you drew on the wall and secure with screws 10 cm; two through the clamp to the wall brackets. L bracket placed at the ends of the bracket, with the horizontal portion of the L to the same height as the top of the clamp.

Position the floating desks on the supports and clamp, pushing it back to make it against the wall. Make your assistant apply pressure to the back so that the desktop is seated on the bracket and stands on L. Ensures the desktop to the bracket with screws long enough to pass through the bracket and reach half the thickness of the desktop.

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