Homemade Dog Beds Made From Wood

Homemade Dog Bed Pillow

Homemade dog bed does not have to come from retailers that are expensive to look good in your home and delight your dog. Try one simple method below to make a dog bed you can own ornamental and will make your dog comfortable at night without spending your money.

In making homemade dog bed, you should choose the fabric cover. You can match patterns, colors and textures of different fabrics to make the beds were comfortable and can adjust your home decor. Make sure the fabric is easily cleaned and or can be included in the washing machine. Faux fur, cotton, linen and towels, and cotton are a great option. You can also use the former curtain. Determining the content of feather and you can also use a pillow, a former cotton cloth torn, polyester, foam is cut, the cover box of eggs or even the rest of the ingredients of different fabrics that you may have.

In designing homemade dog bed, make sure the size can be customized with your dog. You will want to make a mistake in the extra ingredients to provide sufficient space for the filling. For small dogs, 2 pieces of fabric one yard will suffice. For medium to large size dog, 2 pieces of fabric 2 yards would be enough.

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