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An HVAC system provides heating, ventilation and air conditioning in a house through a duct system and records. Ducts distribute the air conditioning to records, normally placed on a floor, a wall or a ceiling near an outside window. Locations vary with the type of construction of the house and conductor routing. All registers have two components: a decorative cover and a vent plate connected to the duct. Installing a new replacement unit records often required, especially if the conduit type is changed, from sheet metal to round flexible duct, for example- Home Decorative Wall Vent Covers.

Draw home decorative wall vent covers a basic plan of the house and go from room to room to identify all records. Note the location of each Рon the floor, wall or ceiling  for connection to the ducts you can be easily found. Indicate the type of record: rectangular, square or oval.

Measure each home decorative wall vent covers opening record with a tape measure and record dimensions. Remove the cover and indicate how the opening plate is secured with screws on wall studs or simply with a flange spread over floors. Record the size and type of the connection with the conduit; vents sheet metal ducts


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