Futon Couches Ideas

Aurora Futon Couches

Futon couches – A futon is a type commonly quilted mattress placed on a wooden frame or metal convertible. You can double futon mattresses, and when used in conjunction with a frame, you can convert a futon bed on a futon couch. This makes the convertible futons a popular piece of furniture where space is limited.

Unlock the futon couches frame. Some futons have a plug having to remove the pin hole. Other futons have to pull a lever to release the lock. A final type of futon frame has an internal spring that is unlocked by rolling back the frame up, down, and then back up again.

Move the back of the futon couches frame to the desired sitting position. Although most futon frames may extend to a full upright position, it is generally more convenient to adjust the back of the frame at a slight angle. Lock the back of the futon frame at the desired angle. If the futon frame has a locking pin, reinsert the pin into the pinhole. If the futon frame has a lever, push the lever to its locked position. Futons with spring locking systems will automatically lock in place when released. Your futon is now ready for use as a sofa.

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