Futon Couch Bed Design

Best Futon Couch Bed

Futon couch bed – A futon is typically made to be used as a sofa bed to sleep, but may not always do the best sofa. However, if a futon is all that is in your budget or you have one that you want to change the style, some accessories is all it takes to make your futon more comfortable and look more like a traditional sofa.

Choose a nice cover for your futon couch bed. These come in many different patterns, fabrics and designs. A cover with a little extra padding can make your futon more comfortable to sit for long periods, and a color that matches the rest of your living space will make the futon a welcome addition to your home.

Slide a wedge futon couch bed under the cushions. A futon wedge is a wedge of foam that basically helps lift up the cushions to prevent slipping around as they sometimes do on a futon frame. With slightly higher cushions, it makes the futon look a little more like a traditional sofa. Add a little welcoming to the futon cushions. Chenille pillows or microfiber offer a comfortable place to rest and take the futon a little more sense of luxury. Match the pillow case for a more personalized look.

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