Fun Basketball Room Decor

Basketball Room Decor Chair

Your child has a passion for his team favorite basketball? In here we learn to decorate basketball room decor. A room decorated with the motive of his love for basketball will be in line with him and his love for the sport. Maybe he constantly uses the shirt of their favorite team, even in bed. You can decorate an entire room with the colors of the shirt and other souvenirs of the team. In this article, you’ll learn how to make your bedroom celebrate your love for basketball.

Get all the basketball room decor furniture. Paint the floor with darker colors chosen basketball team. Paint the walls in a lighter shade of the team colors. Applying at least two layers of paint. Let dry according to package directions paint. Paint the lines similar to half a basketball court floor. Apply a top coat of polyurethane to seal when the paint is dry.

Hang posters (framed if desired) on the wall. Mural wallpaper with basketball players may be used to cover one of the opposite or in place of walls posters. For basketball room decor, Use sheets, blankets or quilts themed basketball combined with the curtains. Place themed furniture to complete the room.

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