Folding Couch Ideas

Amazing Folding Couch

Folding couch – The folding chair can be a good idea if we have problems of space in our home, it is also a completely different design than we’ve seen before, since the structure work with chains by way of straps, which the structure endure the back of the  chair . This is one of the most interesting furniture I’ve seen made ​​with wooden pallets!

Folding couch, to do this you need a whole pallet of the great and good saw, as you cut 2 times. The first is to cut the side tables and thus achieve a kind of mattress, with a wooden plank on each side to hold the central tables. The second is to cut in half the mattress and thus get the 2 parts of the chair: the seat and backrest.

Now you will make the folding couch, for it will gather both pieces with 2 hinges, the result will be that you see in the picture but without chains, chains are essential if the base can sustain the support. You will join a string to each side holding the support base. You can use a carabineer, so you can remove the chain when you want and get a double backless stool.

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