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Fabulous Ways Decor Secretary Desk

When you have a new a job as a secretary, have a perfect secretary desk is very important and it can be a real to have by decor it in right ways. You can be a great secretary with your personality. How you are able to décor the desk is also represent how great you are as a secretary.

Secretary Desk Ikea

Secretary Desk Ikea

To décor the secretary desk you can follow some fabulous ways below. Usually an office provide kidney desk for a secretary or another shape as well.

10 Inspiration Gallery from Fabulous Ways Decor Secretary Desk

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Image of: Secretary Desk Ikea
  1. Place the computer on the center, left or right side as you prefer. It is recommended to place it at the right, left side to make you easy manage another accessories around the desk.
  2. Place desk organizer near the end side of the desk, then printer or scanner front of the center area of the desk. The reason you should place the computer on the right or left is to make you easy when you have to write task from your boss manually.
  3. Give the organizer a note named for different items to place. So you will not be wrong or confused when search your tools or items on the organizer.
  4. Place your name plate near the printer at the center to make people find you or recognize you.

Secretary desk should be always in tidy and clean condition so place a trash can below the desk to make you easy throw away the dirt or unused paper when you have a work. Just make your secretary desk represent good thing as a best secretary at your office.

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