Diy Perfect Cat Towers And Trees

Design Of Cat Towers And Trees

Building a cat towers and trees may cost a bit more than what you would spend in store. But you can make cat tree in way you want it to look like and add your own color choices of carpet to make it match your decor. supplies needed to build a cat tower include power tools, various tools, materials, wood and finishing materials.

Electric tools needed to build a cat towers and trees with a drill and various drill bits and drivers, a jigsaw and a pneumatic nail gun, which is optional since you can use a hammer. Puzzle is used to cut plywood into required sizes and drill bits and bits driver will make mounting holes. Other tools needed to implement project include a roller to apply epoxy, compass, stapler, staples, utility knife and fast-setting epoxy. You will use utility knife to cut carpet and quick-setting epoxy to glue wood pieces together. Roller is used to apply epoxy to large wood areas, instead of using a brush.

For cat towers and trees, you need three pieces of 3/4-inch plywood that will be cut to specific sizes. Plywood is used to make bottom and top shelf, my tripod, box sides and ends box. You must use 3/4-inch thickness so that cat tree will be stable. Other materials needed to finish project includes number 10 from 2 1/4-inch pan head screws, 1/2-inch diameter sisal rope, wood glue and a box with 1/4-inch wood screws. Other needed items include construction adhesive, four 58-inch by 1-inch PVC mat that suits tower and eight 1-inch diameter plugs that will fit cat tree.

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