DIY Corner Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Bathroom Storage Cabinets Ideasa

The corners are difficult to use efficiently, especially in bathrooms with limited space. Add to this the limited storage capacity of a bathroom. A dual solution is to build DIY corner bathroom storage cabinets that can fit in a corner available. The cabinet can hold towels, supplies, toiletries and personal care products that do not fit properly elsewhere cleaning. A cabinet of 25 inches wide by three sides and 34 inches tall will give you space to store tall items or large on top of it.

Make Parts to DIY corner bathroom storage cabinets, Measure and cut a piece of wood 1 inch by 34 inch 24. Measure and cut a piece of wood 1 inch 25-by-34-inches. Use a tape measure and a circular saw to make parts. Measure and mark 8 ½ inch lengths of the sides of the back. These are where the shelves are placed. This should give you four exact triangular portions.

The long side of the triangles is the front edge of the upper and lower parts. Measure and cut two pieces of molding strips height cabinet. Measure and cut two pieces of trim width of the cabinet face the outside corner outside corner. Measure and cut a piece of 1-inch wood MDF 24 by 33 centimeters with the circular saw. This is the closet door bathroom storage cabinets.

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