DIY Build A Countertop Height Desk

Bar Height Work Office

Having a great desk is a dream of everyone, you can get the great one of desk with build a countertop height desk DIY. It is not very hard to do because you just need to attach it on the desk. The designs of countertop come in various such as from particle board base, stones and synthetic stuff. You can get and choose the best stuff of countertop that is available in market supply. A durable stuff is recommended to use as well.

With following some instructions below you will lead to make a perfect countertop height desk.
1. After purchase the countertop, clean the height of the desk from dust with a brush to make the counter top adhere perfectly on it.
2. Use gage to measure the height then measure the countertop with have same size each other element. For example you measure 28×30 inches desk, so you have to measure with same size on the countertop.
3. For some countertop product has available with frame to attached with the desk but if you purchase without frame attaching, you can use special glue to attach and adhere them in right way.
4. For the metal countertop usually use a bracket to adhere and to attach the countertop and the desk.

The important thing when you have attached the countertop height desk you need to be carefully to move the desk to prevent the countertop slide away from the desk. Wait the glue dry or make sure the bracket frame on the side attach the desk perfectly.

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