Desk Blotter Sets For Children

Desk Blotter Paper

At one point, desk blotter serves a functional purpose. Were made to absorb excess ink to seep out of the pens. These days, desk blotter served in more decorative and storage functions. Because of this, sets the counter blotter for children have become more popular. They can be found in many stores home decor and office supplies, but they are also easy DIY projects that can be customized to meet the needs of their own children.

Kids who love sports will love accessorizing your desktop with sports themed desk blotter. Use fabric sports-themed novelty to a sports blotter. Add side pockets of coordinating fabric or a smooth fabric that can stencil sports motifs. Use fabric paint to paint a favorite team name down the side pocket and the name of his son on the other.

Complete the desktop of your child by adding other accessories along with the blotter assembly. A cup of coordination to maintain paper clips is another good idea. A small box to hold pads of sticky notes is also convenient. Decorate a three-ring binder with coordinating fabric such as a desk accessory, too. The matching binder can serve as a diary, a task list, or just as a note larger paper.

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