Defining A Fainting Couch

Awasome Fainting Couch

Fainting couch – is a piece of furniture that was especially popular in the homes of the Victorian era, where it was found in salons and intended primarily for ladies. The Victorian era lasted the duration of the reign of Queen Victoria in the UK from 1837-1901. The fainting couch has legs, an arm, allowing easy access and a complete or partial copy of security. Hallmark of furniture is a side tilts up, allowing a woman to lie.

Modern fainting couch is none other than the couch, not to be confused with a couch, which has two arms. During the Victorian era, ladies wore corsets, foundation garments that pulled tight around torsos to mold the figure. Using these can make a woman with shortness of breath; a Victorian lady would use the fainting couch to calm down.

As the divan, the fainting couch is used in modern housing, often located in the living room, bedroom, or even outdoors. Versions of these units have been used since ancient times and by a number of well-known historical figures. Cleopatra and the Greeks used their versions to lie on their sides. Freud had patients resting in a fainting couch for psychoanalysis.

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