Decorating Rustic Modern Living Room

Contemporary And Rustic Modern Living Room

Maybe just returned from a trip to the West and fell in love with the beauty of the rustic modern living room and simple country style. Or maybe you are just immersed in the warm and friendly charm reminiscent of wooden houses. Whatever the reason, the decoration of the living room to make it look like a rustic cottage, it is a style that can be achieved with a few terracotta tones and touched on the balance between the lines soft and hard (like wood) (cloth) and without fear of adding serious touches to small and rural that characterize the rural style.

Select a painting in terracotta tones that recall you outside the cabin. Cinnamon, Sage Green, yellow gold and straw is the best choice to paint the walls of the rustic modern living room.

Concentrate on the floor of the room. If you have hardwood floors, stop there. Wood flooring remembrance typical cabin automatically. If your floor is covered with tiles of the neutral tone, don’t worry, it also fits perfectly to the subject. Neutral tile color sometimes form part of a rustic modern living room.

Choose furniture that provides a warm and inviting appearance. For example, where a comfortable leather chair in Brown with rustic sleeves made from real wood.

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