Decorating A Modern Gray Charcoal Couch

Best Charcoal Couch

A modern gray charcoal couch has clean lines and simple design. Due to its neutral color, decorate a couch and is relatively easy. Charcoal gray backdrop provides a soft background for the use of accessories in a wide variety of colors. Choose items that will make your couch modern style are very tempting.

Choose a color scheme for the room which includes dark gray and light color, such as cream or pastel blue and a darker or bolder color like navy or red. This will allow you to choose accessories in clear or deeper tones that coordinate with the gray charcoal couch and other items in the room.

Accentuate the look of the modern couch pillow by adding a line in deep tones. Burgundy, purple or rusty ocher effectively contrasted against dark gray. Or use several pillows on the couch in different shades of the same color. For example, the use of a pale blue, bright robin’s egg blue, royal blue and midnight blue pillow color.

Place a faux fur throw on the couch back. Choose a white or ivory tone. The organic look and smooth texture shot provide contrast to the modern lines of the gray charcoal couch.

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