Decorating A Fireplace Mantel With Visual Show

Attractive Decorating A Fireplace Mantel

While many fireplaces were replaced by thermal power plant, the fireplace is still a place for family gatherings on chilly nights and invokes a sense of nostalgic romanticism. The fireplace is often located at the center of the living room, family room or bedroom, which makes it a reference point and then an immediate challenge to decorate. You can create a decorating a fireplace mantel that is as unusual and original as their own sense of style.

With the advent of flat screen television, some people have simply televisions mounted above the fireplace for decorating a fireplace mantel. If you actually use your fireplace, television can also be a distraction. While there are some negative aspects of viewing a flat screen TV above the mantel, television is ideal for entertaining guests and, as a piece of art technology. Use the flat screen to show old footage during the holiday parties or for playing music videos during the New Year rally.

For decorating a fireplace mantel, you can go the extra mile, and paint a big white box-size screen or a screen hanging above the mantel to hide the projector across the room. Play film without sound or even create photo slideshows to play in the background while guests mingle.

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