Decorated Wine Glass Ideas

Animal Decorated Wine Glass

Decorated wine glass make cute, bachelorette personal gifts for the bride and her guests. Are inexpensive favors that guests can take home after the party is over? If you’ve been put in charge of creating glasses, take the opportunity to reflect the bridal shower theme in the design painted on the glasses. For example, you could paint underwear wedding inspiration for a lingerie party or decorating plastic surfaces with diamond engagement rings.

Wash wine glasses and dry with paper towels. Dust or debris on the surfaces of the crystals will cause unequal paint. Choose decorated wine glass designs of each guest. You may want to include their names or roles in the wedding. This is suitable for the bride, bridesmaid, bridesmaids, mothers and flower girls. Writing about the crystals, use long and well defined movements to keep accurate charts. Making practical designs on paper before moving on to the wine glasses. Tape outlined the words to the inside of the glass to act as a guide.

Keep your decorated wine glass designs simple. If you want to represent a bride and groom, do not expect that the rounded surfaces glasses’ will allow incorporating a lot of detail. Instead, they focus on making a bold silhouette and fill the entire design.

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