Decorate Computer Desk Armoire

Gallery White Computer Desk Armoire

You do not have to spend extra money on a computer desk armoire. If you have a dining table no longer needed, simply move it and make a few small changes. This will turn your dining room table in a spacious and functional office desk with space for computer and paperwork.

Saw lower legs evenly to lower the height of the table if it is too high. Only do this if you intend to use the computer desk armoire. Measure the length and depth of the table. Use these steps to choose a dresser desk. Place the cabin on the upper back of the table so it is against the wall.

Place the computer desk armoire in the middle of the table to the front where he lay. If you use a desktop computer, place the top of the tower on the ground below the table with the monitor on top. Leave space on the surface of the table for the keyboard and mouse.

Place a small filing cabinet or a set of independent drawers under the computer desk armoire aside. This reduces clutter, allowing you to store documents and additional supplies inside. You can place a printer or a scanner on top, if you have one.

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