Cool Grey Leather Couch

Cool Grey Leather Couch Ideas

Grey leather couch is essential to cool colors. pale blue, acid green, purple, among others … play perfectly cool colors with gray color, while these same colors may conflict with warm colors like beige, sand or brown .For those who like a fresh contemporary palette (and fearful of maintaining white), a gray sofa is a must-have.

Grey leather couch Work with warm tones. It is worth noting that while we think of gray as “cold”, a true gray is not hot, but not cold either, so it also fits the warm hues like red, orange, yellow and pink. , a gray with a touch of brown will bring even more subtle warmth while maintaining controlled wild effect. This color also Disguise simple shapes. Gray has an inherent quality of sophisticated, so that even the simplest sofa looks good.

Grey leather couch also can be soft. Just like beige and white, gray can be of a lighter shade or style Shabby Chic- inspiration Welcome home accessories such as linens and pillows, blankets draped point, woods clear and muted colors. Despite not being a hot color per se, gray has a warm feeling. In the picture below you can see an example of what I’m talking about.

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