Cleaning An Old Oak Roll Top Desk

Clean Roll Top Desk

Roll top desk provide different cleaning challenge with all its crevices, nooks and crannies. Cleaning a roll top desk is an old work all day if you do it right, but worth the time and effort. Once the desktop is cleaned properly, you should not have to clean it thoroughly again that for a while. Use the soft brush cleaner to thoroughly recommend the entire desktop inside and out to lift dirt buildup in crevices and corners of the table, eliminating the problem of dust collection, cleaning dirt on your cloth and spread instead of removing it. Mix half gallon of hot water in a bucket with 3 capfuls of soap timber Murphy Oil, which is a product of deep and gentle cleaning the stain is lifted on wood.

Soak the cleaning cloth in a bucket and wring well. Since roll top desk are usually made of wood, you do not want to get saturated wood. Clean all surfaces roll top desk with cloth. Rinse and wring the cloth frequently to make sure you pick up any dirt left by emptiness instead of just smearing it around. Let the desktop is completely dry and polish with a microfiber cloth to make it shine.

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