October 13, 2018 Reclaimed Desk

Build A Reclaimed Wood Desk DIY

In this age use thrift way is a good choice with different ways to do for example use reclaimed wood to make a reclaimed wood desk. The reclaimed wood perhaps is obtained from old furniture that is made from wood. Then it is a good idea to recycle them into valuable furniture such as reclaimed wood desk. You just need to use your free time to do it.

Contemporary Reclaimed Wood Desk

Contemporary Reclaimed Wood Desk

Below some steps that can be followed to build a reclaimed wood  desk DIY and they are very easy to follow.
1. Demolish the old wood furniture then take the woods to be prepared for the wood desk.
2. Use wooden sharpener to make the woods have smooth surface.
3. Prepare 4 beams of reclaimed wood in same size height 1,5 feet to be the legs of the decks.
4. Prepare the 2 props from reclaimed beam wood about 0,5 feet and 2 beams about 1 feet.
5. Use hammer to nail and connect the legs and the props. If it is needed put again props under the props to be a space for the storage or drawer under table.
6. Put the plank wood on the surface place of the table with nailing or screw them in tightly.
7. Make a drawer with the size of the space under the table with give a knob on it to make you easy open and close it.

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Those are the simple steps to build a reclaimed wood desk. If you want a perfect result, just paint it with new color to get new look. Now you can maximize the old stuffs to become a valuable tool to use. It is also good to avoid a globalization issue in this era.

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