Best Tips To Find Shabby Chic Couch

Ideas Shabby Chic Couch

Find shabby chic couch can be most difficult part of this decorating style. Sure, it’s easy to find sofas that are in disrepair. However, most people do not want to sit in a broken or spend hours lying on a sofa stuffed horse hair Victorian sofa. Here’s how to find perfect sofa for your Shabby Chic room.

  1. Find a couch of flowers or pictures. Shabby chic couch is one of few styles of decoration that still use patterned sofas. You can find these sofas craigslist stores, garage sales, spare parts, or retail stores for much cheaper than a modern sofa.
  2. Consider basic colors. It’s OK to choose a neutral sofa. Your eye will need a place to land in a Shabby Chic room. Room would be too overwhelming otherwise. Choose a light color like blue, green or white.
  3. Choose casual fabrics. Stay away from leather or ultra suede. These look too modern. Instead, go for a cotton fabric or felt.
  4. Pile on pillows. Instead of a traditional shot, it covers an old blanket on sofa back.
  5. Switch to idea of a shabby chic sofa. If you still cannot find shabby chic couch, try a pair of wing chairs patterned back.
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